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Housing issues like difficulty paying rent, overcrowding, eviction, and homelessness can have a significant impact on one's mental health. These issues can lead to stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems. The uncertainty and instability of not having a secure place to live can also exacerbate existing mental health conditions.

Discrimination in home appraisals against many black families has been a longstanding issue. Research has shown that homes in predominantly black neighborhoods are often undervalued compared to similar homes in predominantly white neighborhoods. This can result in many black families receiving lower appraisals and therefore having less access to homeownership opportunities.

Section 8 Voucher Holders in Texas are not protected from discrimination by landlords due to a Texas Law passed in 2015. This lack of protection can have a devastating impact on many families who rely on the voucher program for their housing needs. In effect, this law deprives many families with vouchers of their right to fair housing.

Single-mother households are at a higher risk of food insecurity due to factors such as lower incomes, lack of support, and higher expenses. Some single-mother households are ALICE households in which a significant portion of their income goes towards rent, leaving them with limited funds for groceries and other expenses. In addition, it is unfortunate that inflation may make it difficult for single-mother households to afford groceries.

Many residents in Houston face challenges as rent continuously increases. It is difficult for some to afford a living, as the majority of their income goes toward rent. In the case of single-mother households, if they spend more than 30% of their income on rent, they may not be able to afford other living expenses.

Redlining was a discriminatory practice that denied access to housing and insurance loans to black families living in Settegast. This practice was prevalent in the 20th century and contributed to the creation of segregated neighborhoods. Many Black families were often forced to live in substandard housing and were denied opportunities for upward mobility. The effects of redlining can still be seen today in the form of racial disparities in homeownership and wealth.

As part of environmental gentrification, illegal dumping, and toxic waste play a significant and troubling role. Discarded mattresses, tires, and appliances can contain hazardous materials that can be dangerous to people and the environment. To help protect your community, it's important to report any illegal dumping you witness and to contact your local authorities to take action. By working together, we can make sure that all neighborhoods have clean and safe environments.

Environmental gentrification is a concerning issue that impacts many underserved communities in Greater Houston. Often, these communities lack the resources to keep up with the changing environmental regulations, resulting in their displacement. Green amenities should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their economic or social status. By having access to green amenities, many underserved communities could benefit from improved water and air quality, physical activity, and mental health.

A growing population and urban development are threatening the Greater Houston area's historical neighborhoods. Seniors who cannot afford property taxes or home repairs fear being displaced and having their history erased.

Empower CDC's Active Senior Resident is seeking certification in master gardening to teach children how to grow their own food and provide for themselves. Ms. Betty has engaged in master gardening classes and engaged with the boys club.

Empower CDC's Active-Senior Apartment resident has taken the initiative to engage and lead the residents. In following in her mother's footsteps of leadership, Ms. Von Moore displays enthusiasm to lead residents in many activities.

For senior homeowners, deed education is essential to ensuring the home is passed on to the next generation. If the senior homeowner does not have access to a deed, future generations will not have the opportunity to inherit the home.

Some Seniors are unable to afford home repairs which result in more deterioration of the home, and the risk of losing their home. If a senior homeowner loses their home, they lose their opportunity to pass the home on to the next generation and build generational wealth.

If you are a teenager and looking for ways to earn extra money, it might be time to consider starting your own business. There are several benefits to working for yourself, but many teens might not think about doing so with the fear that starting up is too hard.

There are plenty of interesting, fun, and budget-friendly activities that don't require sunlight or weather extremes.

Balancing babies and toddlers with remote work can feel overwhelming even in the best circumstances and it's easy to feel like you're failing on all fronts. Don't give in to negative thoughts, though. Instead, take the time to set yourself and your children up for success using this guide. 

Learn ways to support and connect with the seniors in your family and community.

Check out this wonderful guide that can help you understand nature-deficit disorder and how to get your kids outside more frequently.

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  • The Bookworm Bus is a state-of-the-art mobile library with a grassroots approach to visiting communities throughout Waller and surrounding counties. Barriers created by poverty, limited opportunities, limited English, and lack of transportation are alleviated by taking library programs, resources, and services directly to neighborhoods and schools. Committed to delivering books, fun, and fellowship, our routes travel the rural farm roads of Brookshire, Pattison, and Hempstead, Texas, and beyond. We continue to develop reading programs, storytime and reading scavenger hunts, and creative activities for all reading levels. The bus is a beacon of hope in building tomorrow’s readers.

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